Bailey and Decker

  • Adoption Status


  • Age

    11 months

  • Breed


  • Sex


  • Size


  • Can live with


  • Home Requirements

    An experienced owner

    A home with garden

Bailey and Decker have been very popular and have received a lot of interest. Unfortunately we are now unable to process any new interest for them.

Bailey and Decker are looking for an experienced owner who have had small dogs in the past. They need to be the only pets in their new home and need to have access to a garden. They may suit living with dog savvy teenagers and would like to have company for most of the day. They will need regular grooming to keep their coats tug free and looking fabulous.

Bailey and Decker are an adorable pair who are looking for a home together. They are affectionate when around people that they know but can be nervous around strangers and will bark when they see people that they don’t know, so will need to continue to work on their socialisation. When they are somewhere they feel safe, they are a playful pair who love having fun with soft and squeaky toys. Bailey and Decker are young and noisy, and still have lots to learn, so they will need to continue training with their new owner.