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Honey the German Shepherd sitting in the sun
Honey's Story: Hard work and training pays off!
May 23, 2024 by Betty Henderson
Honey the German Shepherd has come a long way since she first arrived with us as an anxious and reactive dog. She's now happily rehomed with Debbie and thriving. Read her story.
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close up of cat cuddling into a persons shoulder with their eyes closed
Pet bereavement: How to cope with the loss of a pet
May 17, 2024 by Betty Henderson
Losing a pet is like losing a member of your family and the grief that comes with this can be overwhelming. Here's some advice on how to cope with the loss of a pet.
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dog running on green grass with yellow ball in his mouth
Is rehoming right for you? 3 things to consider before adopting a rescue dog
May 13, 2024 by Betty Henderson
Adopting a rescue dog is an incredible, and life-changing experience. Whether you’re experienced with pets or thinking about rehoming your first dog, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. Here's our team's advice.
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Ola and Eddie at the top of a Munro
National Bucket List Day: Ola’s Munro Challenge
April 24, 2024 by Betty Henderson
Today is National Bucket List Day, and we spoke to team member, Ola, who’s currently working towards her bucket list goal.
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Cat affectionately paw at a dog's face in a green garden
The Taily Mail is back!
April 18, 2024 by Betty Henderson
Read our Spring/Summer issue of the Taily Mail for a sneak peek behind the scenes and a quick tour through the Home's history as well as some happy rehoming stories.
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grey and white cat sitting among tall grass and flowers
Enrichment ideas for pets – build a sensory garden
April 15, 2024 by Betty Henderson
Looking for enrichment ideas for pets? A sensory garden is a great way to provide cats and dogs with entertainment and stimulation. Read on to find out how.
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Parker the pug looking dapper in his suit
Dug's Dinner 2024 was a barking success!
April 4, 2024 by Betty Henderson
A big thank you to everyone who joined us last week for an evening of glamour, dancing, and fancy pups! Find out how it went.
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Pet Safe Flowers
March 21, 2024 by Betty Henderson
We all love brightening our homes with some flowers, especially in the springtime, but did you know that some common flower choices are deadly poisonous to dogs and cats? However, pet-safe flowers do exist - read on to learn more!
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close up image of smiling fluffy dog
The danger of misunderstanding dog body language 
March 15, 2024 by Betty Henderson
As pet owners, we often think we know what our dog is telling us better than anyone, however new studies have shown that a general misinterpretation of dog body language is linked to a rise in cases of dog bites.
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