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We have loyal and generous supporters who, like us, are passionate about loving animals – without limits.

By playing our lottery for just £2 per week you will help us to give these animals the love and care they need. And you’ll be in with a chance of winning £10,000 each week!

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How To Get Started

Enter quickly with your mobile number. We’ll send you a text message from 88000 to you each week. To stop playing, just reply STOP. We’ll remind you how to do this in each text to you. 

How Can We Give Away Cash Prizes?

Prizes are paid by our lottery provider, so there is no risk of us being out of pocket. 51% of each ticket comes to Edinburgh Dog and Cat home to support our work! 

What Can I Win?

Each entry has a random 6-digit number. If you match 6 digits in the same position, you’ll win £10,000. 5 in the same position wins £1,000, 4 is £10, and 3 wins 5 bonus entries. 

If you win, we’ll send a text to let you know – no need to check your numbers! 

The lottery is open to adults 18+ in Great Britain only.

Good Luck!