• Adoption Status


  • Age

    1 year

  • Breed


  • Sex


  • Size


  • Can live with


  • Home Requirements

    An experienced owner

    An active owner

    A home with garden

Copper is looking for an experienced and active owner who have dealt with nervous dogs in the past. He needs a home with a private garden so that he can still enjoy the outside when feeling worried. Copper would like to have someone home most of the day whilst he settles in. He could live with dog savvy older teenagers.

Copper is a lovely boy around people he knows well but can be nervous of new people. His new owners need to be patient, understanding and have the time to build his confidence, particularly when he has to visit the vet. In true lab style, he is very food motivated which helps him make new friends. Copper is full of energy and may enjoy going hill walking or running. He is an affectionate boy once he’s formed a bond with you and just loves being made a fuss of. With the correct introductions, Copper has made some doggy friends whilst here and may enjoy having walking buddies when out and about. He will be a very rewarding and loving companion for the right owner.