Understanding Dog Body Language

Do you really know what your dog is telling you?

As pet owners, we often think we know what our dog is telling us better than anyone, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Misinterpreting a dog’s body language can lead to escalating behaviour and has even been linked to an increase in dog bites*. 

Our Dog Body Language course will help you better understand what your dog is trying to say.

This course is for humans only, please don’t bring your dog (as much as we’d love to meet them!).

Collie dog running along country path towards camera holding a tennis ball in his mouth.

Dog Body Language

There are many common misconceptions about a dog’s body language and behaviour, and misunderstanding these can lead to difficult or even dangerous situations.

This course is for anyone with an interest in dog welfare but especially useful for dog owners or those who work with dogs.

Topics covered include:

  • Dog senses
  • Vocalisation
  • Body Parts and what they communicate
  • Breed Variations
  • Emotions including fear, stress, aggression, happiness and contentment
  • Behaviours including displacement, dominance, resource guarding, play, pain, ageing and compulsive disorders
  • Common misconceptions such as the Alpha dog myth, tail wagging and more

3 hours | £35 | 26 Seafield Road E, EH15 1EH

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All profits from this course go towards our mission to protect loving homes, find loving homes, and run a loving Home for the dogs and cats who need us. 

Meet the Trainers

Carla Tait Dog First Aid Trainer wearing Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home uniform and smiling beside a banner advertising Dog First Aid Training
Carla Harris-Tait
Carla has worked with Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home since 2019 when she first joined the team as a Kennel Assistant. She is now a full-time Education Officer, leading our Dog First Aid and Dog Body Language Courses. Carla has more than a decade’s experience working with dogs including in kennels, veterinary practices, pet shops, dog sitting and dog walking. She has an HNC in Animal Care, a Train the Trainer Qualification.
Rachael Halliday and smiling dog
Rachael Halliday
Rachael has worked with Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home since 2020 as a Kennel Assistant. She tells us, ‘working with the dogs every day has been so rewarding and getting to see them go away to their forever homes is something I’m so proud of.’ Rachael has an HND in Animal Care, a Train the Trainer Qualification and has experience working with all kinds of animals including fish, chickens, dogs and even monkeys. She has taught the Dog First Aid Training Course with Carla since early 2023.
What Attendees Tell Us What Attendees Tell Us What Attendees Tell Us What Attendees Tell Us
“Thanks for session, it was super interesting and your delivery is engaging, I learned quite a bit. Especially liked the studies, how dogs communicate through body parts and specific info on emotions and hormones.”
“Thank you so much, it was really interesting and really well delivered”.
"Wonderful and informative course thank you, learned so much!"

Could your business benefit from Dog Body Language training?

We offer commissioned talks for groups or businesses that can be delivered in person or online. Please contact for more information.

Dog Body Language

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