Surrender A Pet

We understand that changing circumstances can mean giving up a dog or cat isn’t an easy choice, but can be the right one for the welfare of your dog or cat.

We’re Here To Support You

Our mission is raise awareness of pet poverty and support pets and their owners with open doors and open minds . That means we don’t judge anyone who comes looking for our help. We know that sometimes the most compassionate and caring thing you can do is to surrender the pet you love to us.

Before you decide to hand over care of your pet to the Home, make sure you’re 100% certain it’s the right decision for both you and the animal. Call us on 0131 669 5331 so our staff can talk you through what happens next.

It’s worth noting that, if having to surrender your pet is the result of personal crisis, the following services may be able to assist:

PDSA is the UK’s leading vet charity, providing free and low-cost treatment to pets in need
Shelter helps people in housing need by providing advice and practical assistance
GOV.UK provides information on housing and other benefits
Samaritans offer free, 24-hour emotional support to anyone in need

Unfortunately, we can’t pick up the animal ourselves, so surrendering an animal must be done at our rehoming centre at 26 Seafield Road East, EH15 1EH, from 9am-4pm . Please call ahead to make an appointment so we can give you the time you deserve.

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Let our dedicated team offer more advice on surrendering your pet and the next steps to take.

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