Advice For Dog Owners

We know a thing or two about dogs. They can seem like fairly simple creatures sometimes. Many owners think that if they’re cuddling them and feeding them, they’re all set. But dogs can be complex, fussy, and strong-willed. That’s why we’ve put together some advice to keep those canines happier, healthier, and safer.
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Settling In A New Dog

The day you bring home a new dog is life-changing. Here’s what to expect from the first days, weeks, and months, and how best to prepare for adoption day.

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Neutering / spaying is a routine procedure that can provide many benefits to your pet. In this section we’ll look at how and why you should get your pet neutered and what to expect.

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With the microchipping of dogs now compulsory in Scotland, it’s never been more important. Here we’ll look at why and how you should get your puppy or dog microchipped.

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Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a complex issue that is presenting itself even more in our dogs since the self-isolation period of the pandemic. Here we’ll look at the causes and what you can do to help your pet.

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