Host a Pet Food Drive

Our pet food banks support hundreds of families each week. We urgently need donations. Can you help?
Little dog looking up at the camera beside an empty food bowl

Pet food banks are a vital resource for so many pet owners. People have told us that, without this support, they would have to surrender their pets.

We rely solely on the kindness and generosity of our supporters to stock our pet food banks.

Could you help us by hosting a Pet Food Drive?

How to host a pet food drive

1. Find a suitable location for the drive

Whether you’re setting up a pet food collection in your back garden, place of work, community centre or school, make sure to get permission from the relevant people!

2. Set the dates for your pet food drive

A food drive could be a single-day event, but hosting a collection over the course of a week or two will give the best results.

3. Get the word out!

It’s time to get the word out about your event and encourage people to support. Download our Pet Food Dive starter pack for posters, and templates that you can share on social media to help promote your event.

4. Let us know your plans

We’d love to help you however we can. Reach out to to let us know your plans.

close up of ginger cat leaning over a metal food bowl and looking up at the camera

Pet Food Drive FAQs

What kind of food should we collect?

We need small and large bags of dog and cat food, as well as tins or pouches of wet food and treats! We can’t accept any bags of food which have already been opened.

Do you only need food or can people donate other items?

We always welcome donations of towels or blankets, leads, harnesses, muzzles and toys.

Pet Food Drive Starter Pack