Crypto & NFT Projects

We love crypto and NFT projects

Whether you’re a community token with a charity focus or a NFT project building a vibrant community we can help you make an incredible impact IRL.

When you partner with us, your project will be helping to rescue and rehome vulnerable cats and dogs – a mission your community and devs can be proud of.

We always celebrate donations and partnerships with crypto projects, and we love to feed back to your community on the impact of your donation. We’ll document how your gift is helping via stories, pictures and videos which we share on socials and in your Discord, Reddit and Telegram channels.

There are many ways your project can support our work. You could…

  • Make a donation in ETH, stable coin, or even your own token. We can accept most major cryptocurrencies
  • Auction an NFT and donate the proceeds
  • Donate from your marketing or charity wallet
  • Crowdfund within your community or host a fundraising event

We also have opportunities for crypto and NFT projects to partner on specific areas of our work, which a generous donation could help to fund. 

To discuss donations and partnership, or if you have questions about supporting our work, please contact our Cryptocurrency and Digital Fundraising manager David Mitchell via or on Twitter @mitchell_david

Our Crypto partnerships

You can find details of our partnerships below and on our YouTube crypto playlist.


Pawthereum is decentralized, community-run charity cryptocurrency project that gives back to animal shelters and advocates for the well-being of animals in need. We were incredibly grateful when Pawthereum partnered with us to fund our innovative pet foodbank project. Their generous donation of 26 ETH was the largest crypto donation in Scottish history.  Pawthereum’s forward thinking approach to helping animals through our foodbank garnered praise and publicity across the media and crypto sector.

Pawthereum Visit


Pug is a meme coin devoted to dog rescue! We were honored to be the first recipient of Pug’s generosity when they kicked off 2024 with an incredible donation of 63.6 AVAX, which at the time of giving was valued at $2,500. Pug’s mascot is Maple, named after a real-life pug whose friendly nature also inspired the team to name the project Pug.

K9 Collective

The K9 Collective encompasses popular NFT projects Dogs Unchained and WoofPack NFT . Through a community vote in Summer of 2022, their DAO generously chose to donate $5,000 of stable coin to the Home. K9 Collective are dedicated to the welfare of dogs in-need and have given close to $200,000 to animal charities, supporting more than 20 different organisations. In November of 2022, K9 Collective donated a further $10,000 to kick-off a crypto crowdfunder for the Home.

K9 Collective

Saint Inu

Our friends at Saint Inu are a very generous project, having donated $15,000 worth of ETH to the Home, and also having donated to wide range of causes within the charity sector.

Klee Kai

Klee Games is an innovative gaming studio that embraces low-cost play-to-earn mechanisms to allow players to earn crypto while playing Klee Games. In April of 2023 Klee Kai generously donated to support the Home’s work caring for animals in need.

Klee Kai


We were thrilled to partner with MoonCatRescue, one of the very first NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain. The team at MoonCats have designed a custom Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home NFT accessory , as well as a 1/1 Custom MoonCat. These items will be sold and auctioned, with profits kindly donated to the Home.


Meowcoin is a peer to peer electronic cash project who are on a mission to save as many cats as possible through philanthropic giving. In 2023 Meowcoin are proudly sponsoring our kitten nursery.

Donate Crypto

Help us shelter vulnerable cats and dogs and find them loving homes by making a cryptocurrency donation today.