How To Adopt a Dog or Cat

Adopting a pet is a life-changing decision, and one that our experienced team is here to support you with, every step of the way. Find out more about our adoption process and the next steps to meeting your perfect match.

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Finding Your Perfect Match

Getting a dog or cat can really make life that much sweeter. We know how cute they are, but they’re also hard work. Taking on any pet should be carefully considered from every angle. Have you got the space? Can you give them the time they need?

Our experts are always available for a chat through your decision. We’ll always do what’s best for both you and the animal, and we’ll never rehome a dog or cat to anyone we don’t think has a suitable home for their needs. There’s a perfect match out there for every pet, and we won’t stop until we find them.

Online Adoption

We can no longer accommodate walk-in adoption viewings or applications. All initial rehoming enquiries must be carried out via our online interest forms below. We kindly request that you have a look at the dogs for adoption and cats for adoption that are available on our website and app and read their information carefully before registering your interest.

The Next Steps

Once you’ve found the one for you, fill in the rehoming interest form below. A member of our team will review the information provided and, if you’re a good match, we’ll arrange for a call where we’ll fill in your application together over the phone. If we feel there is a strong chance of a match, you will be invited to make an interview appointment. These face-to-face chats will take place on site with a member of our rehoming team. They’ll go over your application with you and ask any additional questions. If you both agree the pet you’ve chosen is a good match, you’ll finally get to meet in person and see if the sparks really fly!

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Ex-Resident Dog Training

Reward-based training delivered by our experienced trainers. Supporting you to train and build a bond with your new dog. £40 per session. Book now: 0131 669 5331

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