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We’ve been going and going and going since 1883. Without you, we couldn’t keep helping the dogs and cats we care for. We take a long-term approach to the care of dogs, cats, and the people that love them. Part of that is making sure we let people know the different ways they can help us help the animals.

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Never-Ending Love and Care

We give them everything they need not just to survive, but to thrive – the best healthcare and dental, balanced, and high-quality diets, warm bedding, educational toys, and all the other things they need to be happy and healthy. Not to mention the practical elements of running the Home – electricity, heating, staffing, washing, and all the other bits and pieces you might not think of straight away. While the animals are worth every penny and every second of hard work, they’re not cheap to care for.

Gifts in Wills make up about a third of all the donations we receive. Because we don’t get any regular government or statutory funding, leaving money to pets in a Will – whatever the size of the donation – makes a huge difference and helps keep our doors open.

When writing or amending your Will, we always recommend seeking professional advice from your solicitor to ensure that your wishes are met. You have various options when pledging to leave a gift in your Will, from donating a share of your estate to leaving a fixed sum. Your solicitor can talk you through your options when writing your Will and help you make a decision that is best for you.

Thank you so much for thinking about us in your Will. Living on through a legacy of love and compassion for dogs and cats is the gift that just keeps giving and giving and giving.

“The donation I can make is unlikely to be a sum that will be life changing for the Home, but if it could be life changing for a dog or a cat, wouldn’t that be wonderful?” – LISA, LEGACY DONOR

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To find out more about leaving us a gift in your Will, please contact our team on the form below, by emailing, or by phone on 0131 669 5331.

If you are planning to leave a legacy gift to the Home, we would love for you to let us know so that we can keep you informed of areas of our work that may interest you and invite you to special supporter events and meetings.

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Writing A Will

It’s reassuring to know that your affairs are in order. Having a Will that supports people and causes you care about is a big part of that. Read more about the important steps to take when writing a Will.

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