Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is a voice for dogs and cats and a force for change through our advocacy work across Scotland and the UK. We speak for those who can’t, and we’re there for every pet and owner in their times of crisis.

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Cross-party Working Group on Animal Welfare

The purpose of the group is to provide a forum for opinion and information-sharing about animal welfare; to raise awareness of the importance of animal welfare; where consensus is reached to make proposals to introduce or amend legislation concerning animal welfare and provide information for possible parliamentary questions and motions.

Scottish Companion Animal Welfare Group

This group has recently been formed by a number of leading animal welfare charities with a base in Scotland, to provide a united voice on and progress animal welfare legislation. The group has a particular interest in the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

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Tackling the Puppy Trade Working Group

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has teamed up with the Scottish SPCA and partners across the UK to help bring an end to the illegal puppy trade. A new website, has been launched to help raise awareness about the truly devastating effects of puppy farming.

Scottish Animal Welfare Education Forum

Scotland’s Animal Welfare Education Forum (SAWEF) is a group of various organisations that all work within the education sphere to combat animal cruelty and increase animal welfare awareness. This forum brings together people from across the sector to share best practice, strengthen links and discuss topical issues.

Pet Advertising Advisory Group (PAAG)

PAAG was created to tackle the irresponsible activity around pet advertising that is having a profound impact on the welfare of animals in the UK. With Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home being the penultimate destination for many stray and unwanted dogs and cats who are victims of this activity and may have seen multiple homes before reaching us, we are keen to lend our voice to this group.