Donate Items

We don’t receive funding from the government, which means that we have to rely on fundraising, sponsorships, and your kind donations to help the dogs and cats live the lives they deserve. Item donations are always very welcome, as the animals need a lot of food, bedding, and other things to thrive.

Pet Food

We get through a lot of food! The dogs in our care are given Virbac Adult, Digestive Support, or Hypoallergy, as it’s important that they have a consistent, yet balanced diet catered to their individual needs. It also makes it easier to monitor their weight and overall health. We supplement their diet with Chappie dog food which is perfect for our fussier residents without causing upset stomachs. Treats are appreciated too, for the good boys and girls whose diets allow it.

Cat owners will know our feline friends can be fussier. Some like dry food, some like one brand, some like another brand. So, we take all types of jelly and dry cat food and tailor it to each individual’s needs and tastes.

Please note: we cannot accept any opened bags, packets, sachets or tins.  You can donate to our Pet Food Bank, and help make a difference, by:

  • Dropping your donation off directly at the Home (26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 1EH) Monday to Sunday from 9am until 4pm
  • Purchasing your donations from our Pet Food Bank Amazon Wishlist
  • Setting up a donation station at your work, community group, or school
  • Donating food at one of our supermarket collection points

Towels and Blankets

You’ve got to keep cosy! We’re always happy to take clean towels, blankets and throws to use as bedding for our dogs and cats. While we do have underfloor heating, we like to keep them as toasty as we can.  

In an effort to become more sustainable we have decided to stop accepting pillows and duvets. They take up a lot of storage space, energy to launder and dry, and can often only be used once or twice.

Amazon Wishlist

We’ve put together Wishlists on Amazon for people who want to donate items but aren’t sure what’s most useful or most needed for the animals.

From toys to harnesses, there’s a range of items that will make their stay more comfortable. Any purchase made from our Wishlist is sent to our site at Seafield Road East. Please note that we don’t receive your details from Amazon, so if you send something to us – thank you in advance. Every single thing you send to us is so helpful to the Home and our cause.

EDCH Residents’ Amazon Wishlist

Pet Food Bank Amazon Wishlist

Shredded Paper

Some of our dogs prefer shredded paper for bedding. We are specifically looking for the long strip kind, rather than crosscut, which gets caught in our drains. Can we also ask that all staples are removed. Staples that are left in have the potential to cause serious harm.

Leads, Collars, Jackets and Harnesses

We spend a lot of time training and walking all the dogs we take in. So, good quality collars, leads, harnesses and dog jackets are always appreciated.

And, Most Importantly…Toys!

We don’t just want to give these pets the bare necessities of food and shelter – we want them to thrive, play, and live happy, fulfilling lives while they’re with us. Any toys, balls, scratch posts, and puzzles feeders are gratefully received.
If you have any, please drop off at the Home, 26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 1EH or use one of the donation stations across the city.

Find A Donation Station

We have more than a dozen locations across the city of Edinburgh where you can donate items.

Our Donation Stations