Sponsored Challenges

We never shy away from a challenge.

And we believe that the more we tailor our events and challenges to your interests, the more you’ll enjoying helping out our dogs and cats. Whether you want to walk, run, jump, swim, cycle, or more, we can help you help out the dogs and cats we love. Because we don’t get any regular government or statutory funding , the funds raised by the community through sponsored challenges makes all the difference to how we enrich the lives of the animals we care for all day, every day.

Dion Leonard and Gobi
Walk, Run, Jump, Swim, Cycle, Stream Walk, Run, Jump, Swim, Cycle, Stream

Sponsored Events

If active or adrenaline-filled challenges are your thing, why not sign up for a sponsored event and raise much-needed funds for Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home? From Kiltwalk to The Edinburgh Marathon, you can tackle a range of challenges for different age and ability levels. You can check out the events we have on offer, or find one of you own and talk to us about fundraising for the Home.

Visit EVENTS page.

Streaming and Gaming

If you’re more of a streamer than a sprinter, you can still help us care unconditionally for the dogs and cats we love. However you’d like to try gaming or streaming for charity, your donations make a huge difference to our cause. 

Have A Challenge In Mind?

You can create your own fundraising challenge to support our work. Signup to JustGiving to make your fundraising page and start collecting donations today.

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