Tough Cookie finds her home

Little Cookie was found as a stray in August last year. She was tiny, covered in fleas and frighteningly weak.
Little Cookie sitting in a cardboard box looking at the camera

Cookie was taken to the vet by the person who rescued her, where it was discovered that she was suffering from multiple serious infectious diseases. It was clear that she needed long-term care and expertise if she was going to have a chance to recover, so she was admitted to our care.  

For a long time, Cookie showed no signs of improvement.

We tried her on various diets, medications and probiotics, but she had terrible diarrhoea, and she wasn’t gaining any weight. She had issues with her eyes, and she wasn’t eating. It didn’t look good for Cookie.  

But we kept trying and eventually, we found a food that she enjoyed and could digest, and slowly but surely, she began to gain weight and pass solid stools. We couldn’t believe it!  

Tough Cookie never let her illness get her down. Even at her most unwell, she was playful, curious, and looking for cuddles.  

Finally, Cookie was ready to go to her forever home.

She found her perfect match with Thom, who grew up with cats, and now works from home – which means Cookie, now named Sporran, finally has all the attention she craved during months of isolation!  

Thom told us, ‘I’m amazed at how quickly she’s settled in; she hasn’t displayed any signs of stress at the move!’ 

Sporran is as fun-loving and curious as ever and Thom shared some of her favourite things:  

‘She absolutely loves watching the birds at the bird feeder and she’ll always come and tell me when she sees one.  

She is very playful but my very favourite thing she does is when she’s done running around, she’ll come and lie on me, and she wants to hold hands. She’ll reach her paw out and if I stop holding it, she’ll reach back out again. It’s adorable.’  

Sporran has come a long way from the weak and malnourished kitten we first met, and we’re so delighted that she’s found a home where she gets the doting love and attention she deserves.   

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