Regular Giving: What’s it all about?

Looking for a high-impact way to support a cause close to your heart? Here’s why charities love regular giving!
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There are many ways to support the causes that you care about; volunteering, spreading the word about their work on social media, hosting donation drives, and giving a gift. However you choose to support a charity, your generosity is valued and appreciated.  

If you’re looking for a high-impact, low-effort way to support charities like the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, here’s why you should consider giving a monthly gift.  

Regular giving helps us plan ahead  

We can’t understate how valuable this kind of regular monthly income is in helping drive our mission to find loving homes, protect loving homes and run a loving Home for the dogs and cats who need us.  

Regular giving allows us to plan for the future and ensure that our animals receive the highest quality of care all year round no matter what!.  

We are endlessly grateful for the continuing support of our regular donors who help us keep going and going and going.  

Slide reading: 'How your donation could help. £11 could help us vaccinate a cat, £30 could help towards feeding a dog in our care for a full month, £4.50 could fuel our foodbank van for a day.

It all adds up 

Regardless of your budget and gift amount, every penny counts. Monthly gifts compound to create incredible impact for charities like ours, especially when Gift Aid consent  is given. Applying Gift Aid to any donation increases the value of the gift by 25% with no cost to the donor. is given. Applying Gift Aid to any donation increases the value of the gift by 25% with no cost to the donor.  

It’s convenient and flexible for you! 

Giving monthly via direct debit allows the supporter to be in complete control of their giving. Donors can simply sit back and trust that their gift is being gratefully received each month, or they can change the amount or cancel their gift at any time.  

Regular supporters can also look forward to receiving updates throughout the year letting them know the impact of their kind donation.  

Get involved today  

Supporting us with a monthly donation means we can keep caring for the dogs and cats that need us most day in, day out, and helps us focus on the bigger picture.  

Click below to get involved today! Or, find out more about payroll giving.  

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