Gaming for Good: 24-Hour Stream Raises Over £2,000 for the Home

Daryll Richardson and Jonny Wallace turned their virtual adventures into real-world impact by hosting a 24-hour streaming event, raising a fantastic £2,111 for our furry friends.
Daryll and Johnny standing in the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home car park with their arms crossed

The pair’s popular streaming events were born from a desire to keep colleagues entertained and do good during the COVID-19 lockdowns. What started as a novel idea blossomed into an annual charity event. For their third instalment, Jonny and Daryll, both keen animal lovers, set their sights on supporting the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home and our four-legged friends.

Before embarking on their digital marathon, Jonny and Daryll visited us to see our work in action and meet some of the cats and dogs they’d be supporting.

On October 19th, at 9 am, they fired up their gaming rigs and the marathon streaming session kicked off. Their selection of games, including Rocket League, Age of Empires, Sea of Thieves and many more, ensured that there was never a dull moment. The stream was filled with laughter, chat, and constant entertainment.

The focus wasn’t just on gameplay; Jonny and Daryll were determined to make a difference. Thanks to their efforts and the support of their Twitch streaming audience, a fantastic sum of £1,111 was raised. In a wonderful gesture of support, Jonny and Daryll’s employer matched the first £1,000, bringing the total to an impressive £2,111.

We are incredibly thankful to Jonny and Daryll for their exceptional dedication. Their initiative is a powerful reminder of how shared passions can lead to impactful outcomes. They have not only entertained viewers but have also made a significant difference to our work protecting loving homes, finding loving homes and running a loving Home.

To Jonny, Daryll, and all who contributed and donated – a massive thank you from all of us. Your kindness and enthusiasm are genuinely inspiring.

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