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Play Stray Challenge

Streamers and gamers love cats, so it’s no surprise Stray has become one of the hottest games of the year. We’re offering streamers the chance to play Stray and fundraise to help real-life strays here in Scotland.

If you are a streamer who can pledge to raise £500 for Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, we’ll gift you a copy of Stray so you can take part in our Play Stray Streaming Challenge.

Taking part

To take part, simply select one of our challenges below and then contact us with links to your Twitch account or other streaming channels. We’ll ask you to pledge to raise £500 which could cover the costs of a stray cat’s veterinary bills when it first arrives at the Home, and also provide cat food for a year.

You can create a dedicated fundraising page for your event on JustGiving or Tiltify.

We’ll gift you a copy of Stray via Steam or the PlayStation Store so you can begin your chosen challenge. Use our resources to help promote your fundraising streaming event.


  • 6 Hours – Dodge the Zurks and Sentinels and complete Stray within 6 hours
  • 9 Hours – Not all cats have nine lives, you’ll have to tread carefully to complete Stray with 100% in under 9 hours
  • 12 Hours – Complete Stray with your sidekick drone B-12, then extend your challenge by playing your favourite games until you reach 12 hours of streaming
  • 24 Hours – Stray cats struggle to survive on the streets 24/7. Complete Stray, then play your favourite games until you reach 24 hours of streaming.

Challenges don’t need to be completed in one streaming session. We recommend breaking your chosen challenge into smaller 3 hour streaming sessions. Please be sure to take adequate breaks as you stream.


To register, please email with the subject line “Stray” and links to your Twitch or similar streaming channels.

We have limited copies of Stray to gift, so we may not be able to meet every request we receive. We can only gift copies of stray to those over the age of 18.