Pet Poverty In The Spotlight

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has been very much in the media recently and it's been putting a much-needed spotlight on our vital work with pet poverty.
Pet Poverty in the Press

A film crew from the BBC visited us to do a piece on the increasing cost of living – and gave our Pet Foodbanks a boost with a piece on the evening news !

STV followed that up with a look at ‘Pet Poverty’ in general and gave the Home due credit for initiating the Pet Foodbanks, with some filming of volunteers providing pet food at an Edinburgh Foodbank.

In the Borders, our story featured heavily in the ‘Southern Reporter’ with a chat from our Chairwoman, Doreen Graham. And that led to BBC Borders filming our efforts with Food Banks in the Borders!

We’ve been able to reach bigger audiences via our television appearances, spreading the word about our efforts regarding pet poverty. And as a result, our media work led to a great article in the Sunday Express, highlighting the work of the Home – with a nod to the increasing number of pets being surrendered to the Home as a direct result of the cost-of-living increases facing people.

The Daily Record took the same idea the following day, providing another article highlighting the Home’s efforts working with more than 50 Food Banks across Scotland and getting the message out that we care.

And we are reaching out even further, following a request from the SPCA in Canada where they are just starting to organise Pet Foodbanks – based on what they have seen from the publicity we’ve generated recently.

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