Lost A Pet

The loss of a pet is one of the most difficult situations that an owner can face. Follow these important steps to have the best chance to be reunited with your beloved companion.
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How We Work

We’re sorry to hear your pet isn’t by your side where they should be. We know it’s a stressful time there are lots of things you can do to help.

We work closely with Police Scotland and a number of local councils to make sure that lost dogs and cats find their way home as often as possible. We have a very high success rate when it comes to reuniting pets with families which is why, with our help, they have the best chance of being back in their loving home with you.

What Else You Can Do

● Contact your local police station
● Inform local vets
● Tell neighbours of your situation
● Check sheds and garages in your neighbourhood
● Print flyers or posters with your pet’s photograph and your contact details and put these through letterboxes, in local shop windows, libraries and noticeboards
● Use social media and local websites to spread the word
● Microchip your pet as they’re more likely to be returned to you if lost or stolen. We’ll microchip any dog or cat for a small donation. It’s important that microchip information is kept up-to-date and worth noting that compulsory microchipping for dogs was introduced in the UK in April 2016.

Please visit our education and advice section for further information.

We’re Here For You

To get in touch with us, call 0131 669 5331 between 9am-4pm with:
● A description of your pet
● Where they were last seen
● Your contact details

Please note that a call directly to our reception team is essential as reports of lost pets made via social media aren’t always seen. If your dog or cat is brought to us, please be aware that you’ll be liable for a nightly boarding fee, in addition to any fees incurred by the dog wardens or police.

These charges are mandatory as, while we have partnerships with these bodies, we’re not funded by them. The service provided by us is to care for the dog or cat who has been lost until their owners are contacted or locate them.

Your Local Dog Warden And Other Contacts

● Edinburgh Dog Warden 0131 608 1100
● East Lothian Dog Warden 01620 827 310
● West Lothian Dog Warden 01506 775 400
● Cat Protection League 0131 554 5521
● Lothian Cat Rescue 01875 821025
● Scottish SPCA 03000 999 999
● Lothian Animal Welfare Centre (for lost cats) 0131 449 3979

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