Urgent Appeal For Pet Food

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has issued an urgent appeal for donations of pet food.

The Home provides vital supplies for 84 Food Banks across East and Central Scotland, providing them not only with pet food, but also beds, bedding, leads, collars, toys and everything pet owners need to keep their pets in warm and caring homes.

The Home, has been supporting Food Bank users since 2019, following the realisation that Food Bank users were sharing their food with their pets.

Since then, the Home has delivered more than 60 tonnes of food to the Food Banks – and the need continues to increase daily.

‘We are running dangerously low,’ explained Jamie Simpson, Director of Operations, ‘We desperately require dry pet food, both for adult cats and dogs, and wet cat food.

And with increasing numbers attending Food Banks and the huge number of Food Banks we provide for, it’s becoming critical.’

The Home provides for 84 Food Banks, covering a wide area across East Central Scotland, the Lothians and into the Borders.

Donation stations in shops, supermarkets and businesses allow the public and pet lovers to provide supplies And the Home has a network of pet food suppliers and outlets to help in the fight against pet poverty.

Every month the Home is providing meals to more than 3,500 pets through the Food Bank network.

While the Cost of Living crisis continues to impact on people, the pressure tom provide for pets is increasing daily.

‘We are fortunate in the support we get from individuals and business tom fulfil the needs of the Food Banks that we serve, but we are dangerously low on supplies right now and we are appealing for more to meet the ever increasing need for support’.

To donate, visit the Home’s Amazon Wishlist.

Donors can also drop off dry dog and cat food and wet cat food at one of several donation stations across East and Central Scotland, or directly at the Home itself at 26 Seafield Road East.

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