Supporters Walk 100km In October

During October 2022, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home supporters came together to fundraise by walking 100km with their dogs. The challenge was the first of its kind for the Home and saw over three hundred people sign up to take part.

Participants signed up through Facebook adverts and were given the option to claim a free branded beanie hat as an incentive to join and to keep them warm throughout.

Together, the group covered thousands of kilometres and raised over £7000 in the process.

Kyle Boggie, Digital Fundraiser at the Home said:

“With this being the Home’s first ever Facebook Challenge, there were nerves on the lead up to launch, but those nerves soon dissipated. I am so pleased with how things went. The group were engaged and sharing updates along the way. We even had people cover 200km in a month.

Raising over £7000 is a fantastic achievement and everyone should be proud. The funds will go a long way to helping us continue our vital work.

In February 2023, we’ll be looking to build on this success with more Facebook Challenge fun.”

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