Piper's Story: Not a day too soon

Piper came to us just in time. Without our support, she would have had to find a safe place to give birth on the streets and her kittens might not have made it.
Piper the cat sleeping on the bed

Piper was brought to us as a stray in July this year and gave birth to four kittens on her very first night in our care.

She was brought in by a couple who had spotted her around their neighbourhood for the last couple of months and had been keeping an eye on her. They weren’t sure if she was a stray as she seemed to be well-kept and in good condition, but they hadn’t been able to find her owner in any local Facebook or WhatsApp groups and no one they asked knew anything about her.

When they noticed that her belly was becoming swollen, they decided to do something and brought her to us fearing that she might have a health problem.

Thankfully, Piper was in full health, but she was also very heavily pregnant.

She must have been searching desperately for a safe space to give birth when she was brought in. Kennel Assistant, Fiona, told us, ‘Once we got her settled in the kitten house you could just see the relief on her face.

By the time the team in the cattery arrived the next morning, she had already given birth to one of her four kittens.

Piper took well to motherhood. Fiona describes her as ‘a lovely cat, she’s so affectionate and just a great mum’, adding, ‘I’m not surprised at all that someone fell for her!’.

Piper the cat sitting in her cat tree looking relaxed

Piper is such a darling that the vet nurse who had treated her after her spay operation fell head over heels for her sweet nature and applied to take her home.  

Lauren, the vet nurse, first met Piper when she was treated for mastitis, an inflammation of the mammary glands, shortly after giving birth. At the time, Lauren and her partner had been thinking of rehoming a cat and felt Piper could make the perfect addition to their family.

When Piper was later admitted to Lauren’s vet practice again for her spay operation, she just knew she had to take her home.

From the first night in her new home, Piper claimed a snuggly spot on the bed with Lauren and her partner.

They’re loving getting to know Piper and all her little quirks as she grows more confident and comfortable every day. Lauren tells us ‘It just feels like my life wasn’t complete without having a cat and she’s just fitted in so well; I feel like it was meant to be’.

Piper loves head scratches and cuddles and has recently started climbing up on their laps for even more affection. Her favourite toys are little crinkly balls which she likes to bat and chase. She goes mad for Dreamies treats and she loves taking her time over a lick mat.

Lauren tells us that she can usually be found curled up at the top of her cat tree, watching over everyone in the living room, saying, ‘She’s honestly amazing. I love her little personality, she’s independent but so friendly and affectionate as well, she’s the perfect cat.’

And it was a happy ending for each of Piper’s kittens too.

Snowflake, Mana, Atreyu and Calico were named by the Meowcoin community, a cryptocurrency organisation which sponsors our kitten nursery and supports animal welfare organisations around the world.

Kennel Assistant, Fiona, told us ‘The kittens were so funny and curious, you usually have to encourage kittens to start eating solid food after weaning but these guys were no trouble, they’re all good eaters’.

They each have their own unique personalities; Snowflake is the biggest of the bunch and the most playful and confident, when they were separated from Piper, he became the ‘mum’ of the group. Mana is the shyest, she has her mother’s affectionate nature but takes a little longer to warm up. Atreyu is the curious one, always trying to sneak out and explore. She was rehomed with Calico, a sweet, sassy fluffball.

Piper’s story might have been a lot different.

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