Pet Safe Flowers

We all love brightening our homes with some flowers, especially in the springtime, but did you know that some common flower choices are deadly poisonous to dogs and cats? But, pet-safe flowers do exist!
Cat crouching and sniffing a vase of flowers

There are also many pet-friendly options to be found

These include: 

  • Freesias – a dainty and colourful spring favourite. 
  • Roses – a classic, and pet-safe, aside from those pesky thorns! 
  • Snapdragons – a bold and blooming addition to any bouquet.  
  • Sunflowers – they will brighten any room and won’t poison your pet!  

Any plant can potentially cause tummy-aches if eaten in large quantities so it’s best to keep flowers and houseplants out of the way of your pets, even if they’re safe.  

If you have a cat who insists on nibbling your flowers and plants

For persistent nibblers, you might want to invest in some ‘cat grass’ as a safe alternative. Cat grass, or cocksfoot grass, can be easily bought in pet shops and is often used to lure curious cats away from more harmful plants and flowers.  

Dogs can also be guilty of plant-munching

Dogs are especially prone to chewing on grass. It’s a common myth that this is a sign of illness or that they’re trying to make themselves sick, but according to the PDSA eating grass is no cause for concern! However, if your dog is refusing their normal food, eating excessive amounts of grass or seems unwell, you should call your vet for advice.  

If in doubt, speak to your vet.

When it comes to pet-safe plants and flowers, most reputable flower shops should be able to advise on which are safe for pets. If you’re concerned that your pet might have eaten something harmful to them, contact your vet immediately for an emergency appointment.  

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