Pet Foodbank: Anna's Story

*Anna, 25, from Edinburgh and her much-loved lurcher, *Lily, first visited a Paws Pantry pop-up foodbank when she needed dog food and other pet essentials. Lily was showing typical puppy behaviour that was becoming increasingly destructive, causing stress for Anna and her mother, who she lives with. Our Paws Pantry outreach team worked with Anna and Lily to provide training techniques to improve the Lily’s behaviour, as well as giving Anna the food and equipment she needed to keep a happy and healthy pet.

I got Lily last year when she was just 12 weeks old. She had a lot of energy and was play biting and nibbling all the time, chewing on furniture and destroying things.

Since then, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home have been amazing and there’s been a major change in Lily. They gave me puppy mats and helped me teach her how to pee outside. They’ve showed me how to give treats when I want her to do something and it’s stopped her chewing on the wallpaper. They gave us a wee glider and games for her, she’s away with them. It’s been getting her brain working, which is what she really needed.

Before this she wouldn’t drink out of her water bowl, she would only drink out of a bath tap. They gave me a new bowl and it made such a difference. Now she finds her bowl when she needs it and I’ve stopped giving her milk on their advice, just plain water.

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home have helped a lot. When you’re skint, if you’ve not got that much money, you can still get cat food and dog food. I see lots of dogs out on the street and they don’t have enough to eat so I’d always recommend going to the pet foodbank.

She’s settled so much and it’s improved my confidence too. I’ve learned how to handle her. I’d love to volunteer with animals now and be able to help other dogs like Lily.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.

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