Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home Love Project Harmless Poop Bags

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has a unique new partnership with an innovative Scottish startup, Project Harmless, helping to save the planet.
Project Harmless

Project Harmless is the brainchild of George Greer and Ka Ho Wong. Their first product, Harmless Poop Bag, unlike any other dog waste bag, is made of water-reactive, non-toxic, and microplastic free material. Harmless Poop Bag can rapidly disintegrate in landfill and the open environment, including our rivers, posing no threat to marine life and wildlife.

George Greer, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Project Harmless, says: “Little did we know when we set out that all existing types of dog waste bag material are harmful, in one way or another, to the environment. Indeed the issue of used dog waste bags is underappreciated, with 13 millions dogs in the UK, we will use nearly 10 billion dog waste bags in 2022. If 10% of them find their way into our water, as general waste plastic does worldwide, that’s one billion bags! In fact one third of fish now caught for human consumption are found to contain plastic!”

George added: “Our hope is that Harmless Poop Bag will help slow a growing eco-disaster by reducing marine life fatalities and human food chain contamination from existing dog waste bags entering our waters, and also lower methane production from plant based compostable dog waste bags which mostly end up in landfill. We are delighted to be partnering with Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home on this goal”.

Project Harmless has agreed to provide the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home with a one-year supply of Harmless Poop Bags for our furry residents.

Katie Kennedy, Development Executive with the Home, says she is: “Thrilled for the Home to be the first-ever animal charity to use probably the most harmless poo bag on the planet.

Partnering with Project Harmless goes above and beyond just being a business supporting our mission here at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

To be a part of helping mitigate the growing global disaster we face by simply replacing a potentially harmful dog waste bag with a Harmless Poop Bag is such a simple way for dog owners to be more sustainable

It is an honour to work with George and Ka Ho during our partnership and we can’t wait to see this product thrive.”



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