Dog First Aid Course Launched

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is encouraging all dog owners to get to know basic life-saving techniques for their pets.

The Home has launched a new dog first aid course that offers practical training for the many emergency situations that our beloved pets can find themselves in. These include chocking, fractures, hypothermia and heatstroke, and other injuries.

It is important to know when emergency treatment can be given, and when a visit to the vet is appropriate. Jamie Simpson, Director of Operations at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home said:

“Dogs are important members of the family and just like humans, experience moments of crisis in their health and well-being. It is really important for owners to know what to do in those situations, their actions could prevent further injury or illness to the dog, or indeed save a life.

“If your pet experiences any incident that is life-threatening, a visit to the vet is almost always appropriate. But time can be extremely precious when they are in pain or their life is at risk, and small actions can make all the difference.”

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home’s Dog First Aid courses provide an ITC certification and are SQA accredited. They are endorsed by both Braid Vets and Abercorn Vets.

Jamie said:

“Our course is unique in that it provides in-person insights from some of our most experienced trainers, who themselves work day in and out with dogs in all kinds of conditions. What’s more, all funds raised through this course will support the care of stray and unwanted pets that reside here on site.”

More information can be found on our Dog First Aid page.

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