DIY Christmas Presents for Pets 

These DIY Christmas presents for pets will bring waggy tails and roaring purrs without hurting your purse strings.

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a pup or kitten tearing into a new toy on Christmas morning, here’s how you can spoil them without breaking the bank. 

DIY presents for dogs 

Snuffle Mat  

A snuffle mat is a great source of enrichment that will keep many dogs entertained for hours. And it’s easy and cheap to make your own! 

What you need:  

  • An old fleecy jumper or a sheet of felt  
  • A non-slip mat with holes – we recommend a bathmat or rubber doormat  
  • A sharp pair of scissors 

How it works:  

  1. Cut your jumper or felt into long strips, about 5cm wide and 20-30cm long (the longer the strips, the more difficult it will be for your dog to find their treats!) 
  2. Tie a strip through each hole of the mat, leaving the ends to dangle.  
  3. Scatter your dog’s favourite treats and let them loose to dig around! 
DIY snuffle mat for dogs

Tug toy  

We’re yet to meet a dog who doesn’t love tugging on a toy or chasing after it for a game of fetch – here’s how you can make a simple braided tug toy using stuff you have at home.  

What you need:  

  • A couple of old t-shirts, or a length of rope if your dog needs something more sturdy 
  • A sharp pair of scissors  

What to do:  

  1. If you’re using old t-shirts to make your toy, cut or tear the fabric into strips about 5cm wide, if you’re using rope, simply gather a few lengths, it’s up to you how long you want to leave them! The more strands of rope or fabric you use, the wider your toy will be, and the longer the length, the longer the toy.  
  2. Gather the lengths of fabrics or rope and tie a firm knot in one end.  
  3. Split the lengths into thirds and start to braid them together.  
  4. Once your toy is as long as you want it, tie off the other end and cut off any excess strands of fabric.  

Home baked treats  

We all have our favourite festive snacks. Why not treat your dog as you treat yourself?  

Healthy but delicious dog treats can be simple and cost-effective to make at home. We love these recipes from our partner PetPlan 

DIY Presents for Cats 

Cat with paw on bauble sitting under christmas tree

Cat scratcher 

A good cat scratcher has the double benefit of making your kitty’s day AND keeping sharp claws away from the upholstery.  

What you need:  

  • A corrugated cardboard box 
  • A sharp pair of scissors  

What to do:  

  1. Measure about 5cm up from the bottom of the box on all sides then cut the bottom of this box off at this point. You will be left with the box’s base with 5cm sides all round. 
  2. Cut the rest of the cardboard into strips 5cm and the same length as the inside length of the box.  
  3. Stack the strips of cardboard into the box base with the cut side up until they are packed tightly and completely fill the base with no room to add another. 

Cosy cat den 

If your cat is anything like most of the kitties we care for at the Home, their favourite things will be a cosy den or a cardboard box. Here’s how to make them the perfect Christmas present that combines the two! 

What you need:  

  • A medium sized cardboard box 
  • A large, old jumper (bonus points if it’s festive!)  
  • A cosy blanket 

What to do:  

  1. Cut the flaps of the top of the box so that you’re left with a cardboard box which is open on one side  
  2. Pull the old jumper over the box so that the neck opening aligns with the open side of the box, you could also use a t-shirt instead of a jumper.  
  3. Tie the arms of the jumper around the back on the opposite side of the box opening, or tuck in the sleeves of the t-shirt. 
  4. Tip the box on its side so that the opening is not on the top and your cat can easily jump in and out.  
  5. Line the bottom of the box with a cosy blanket for your cat to snuggle in to. 

Crinkly toy  

Lots of our cats go crazy for the texture and sounds of a crinkly toy. Here’s how you can make your own at home.  

What you need:  

  • A small sock (we recommend a trainer sock so that your toy will end up approximately ‘mouse’ sized)  
  • Cellophane or other non-toxic crinkly materials like newspaper, or brown paper.  
  • A sharp pair of scissors  
  • Catnip (optional) 

What to do:  

  1. Cut lengths of your crinkle material of choice that match with the length of your sock  
  2. Scrunch up the crinkle material and stuff it into the sock 
  3. (Optional) Add a sprinkle of cat nip 
  4. Firmly tie the top of the sock and give it to your cat!  
Cat playing with DIY crinkle toy

Time to play Santa Paws!  

We hope your pets love these DIY Christmas presents. Please share any photos by tagging us in your socials @edindogcathome, we’d love to see your results!  

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