Community Dog Care Project Receives Boost from PetPlan

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home are delighted to have received a £5,000 grant from the PetPlan Charitable Trust to help deliver dog care courses in the community.
Dog first aid course edinburgh

The new project launched in early October and offers a support programme designed to ensure that people have the basic knowledge and skills needed to properly care for their dogs. The Home recognises education as a tool in helping to keep pets in loving homes.

The Home takes a unique approach within the animal welfare sector, proactively offering support to help make sure pet owners have ready access to food through its pet food bank and advice through education programmes. With the launch of its new dog care course, the Home can now equip pet owners in the community with the basic knowledge needed to keep pets healthy and vet bills low.

The Home would like to thank the PetPlan Charitable Trust for their £5,000 grant towards the launch and delivery of this course.

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