Euthanasia Position Statement

At Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, we believe that every animal deserves to live in comfort and safety. We have an open-intake policy, accepting any dog or cat we can, who reaches our door in need, whatever shape, breed, or size they may be.  

Due to this policy, we sadly sometimes take in animals who have severe conditions. These can come in many forms, including physical conditions, diseases and mental health or behavioural problems. Our team, alongside our veterinary partners, will work for as long as it takes to rehabilitate an animal and find it the perfect loving home.  

When these problems negatively impact on their welfare or the safety of the public we rehome to, then the circumstances for rehoming can change. When faced with these circumstances, it’s our responsibility to assess how best to protect the quality of their life. Sadly, sometimes this means putting them to sleep.  

This is a decision we will never take lightly and is normally made after months, sometimes years, of dedicated treatment and training from our team, where all other options have been exhausted.  

These are the types of difficult decisions we must make each day working in animal welfare, ensuring we put the welfare of the dogs and cats at the heart of the decision making and placing them above our own wants and love for them. Where there is hope for a home, we will never give up. 


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