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Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

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Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home accepts any dog or cat that reaches our door in need, and works tirelessly to secure happy and loving forever homes.

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Biscuit is a nervous girl who wary of strangers and needs a owner who will be prepared to visit her a few times so she can get to know them. She is looking for an owner with experience of nervous dogs, who can understand that she likes her own space and doesn’t always like her toys being touched. She needs a adult only home, with no visiting children under the age of 16, where she will be the only pet.
Biscuit is a super high energy girl who is very independent and prefers to have her own space to play with her toys, rather than have attention. She is ball obsessed and loves collecting toys from our paddock and bringing them back to her kennel so she can continue to play with them there. She can seem aloof at times and really doesn’t like a lot of fussing unless she has initiated the contact, and this is usually limited to the people that she trusts the most. When she has settled into her new home, Biscuit may like to do an activity like Canicross or Flyball to keep her mind and body active. She would prefer a home with a private garden so she can play outside, and will enjoy visits to the local park for a good sniff around or to a freedom field so she can enjoy running off some of her energy.



Spike is a nervous boy who can be shy and unsure around new people. He is looking for an owner who has owned a timid cat before, and  can be around for most of the day to keep him company and help him gain some confidence. When he has settled in to his new home and feeling a little braver, he will want to have direct access to a garden so he can go out to explore when he wants to. He does enjoy human contact and enjoys sitting on the knee of someone he trusts, but he likes having a bit of time to himself too, and likes to curl up in his igloo bed or on his scratch post. He can be playful when he is in the mood and enjoys having fun with cat toys. Spike needs a quiet, adult only home where he will be the only pet.


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Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has been part of the fabric of our city since 1883, working in partnership with the Council and Police services by welcoming lost or abandoned pets from all corners of Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Our mission is to rescue, reunite and rehome stray and unwanted dogs and cats and ensure they have the happiest lives possible.

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