• Adoption Status


  • Age

    1 year

  • Breed

    Border Collie

  • Sex


  • Size


  • Can live with



  • Home Requirements

    Away from the city centre

    An experienced owner

    An active owner

Alan is looking for an active owner who has had a dog before, and has experience of the collie breed. He could potentially live with dog savvy teenagers, and he may suit living with another dog if introductions go well. He needs a home in a quieter area away from the city.

Alan is a young and excitable boy who loves activities that keep his mind busy. He has bags of energy and will need plenty of exercise, and extra activities. We think he would enjoy running or hill walking with his new owner, or participating in Agility, man trailing  or scent work. He loves a Kong or lick mat filled with something tasty, he likes playing with a ball, and he always enjoys his training sessions. Alan can be nervous at times so will need an understanding person who can help him build in confidence. He will need to continue training with a professional trainer who can help him reach his full potential. He likes to be around people so will need company for most of the day. Alan is lots of fun and is sure to be a fantastic addition to an active family.