• Adoption Status


  • Age

    2.5 years

  • Breed


  • Sex


  • Size


  • Home Requirements

    An experienced owner

    An active owner

    A quiet home

    A home with garden

Glen is looking for an active and experienced owner who is knowledgeable of the Collie breed.  He requires an adult only home and needs access to a private garden where he can decompress when necessary. He would like a home where he will have company for part of the day.

Glen is a sweet boy who is very loving and affectionate with people that he knows. He can be a bit shy when first meeting new people, so needs an understanding person who can help him make friends, but he is very friendly with people that he knows and loves being around them. He is an energetic boy who loves going for walks along the beach, and he would spend the whole day chasing after a toy if he could. We think he would enjoy hill walking, running, or doing some scent work training. Glen loves company and enjoys spending time in our staff room where he gets lots of attention ,while he stealthily checks everyone’s pockets for any tasty treats he can munch on. He is a typical collie so would benefit by having an owner who knows the Collie breed well. He is unsure of cars and will need to do some work to build his confidence around traveling. Glen is sure to be a fantastic pet for the right owner.