• Adoption Status


  • Age

    1 year

  • Breed

    Bulldog cross

  • Sex


  • Size


  • Home Requirements

    Away from the city centre

    An experienced owner

    A quiet home

    A home with garden

Simon is a very anxious and sensitive dog who is looking for a very special home to suit his needs and an understanding owner who is willing to fit their life around Simon and his needs. He requires an experienced owner who has a main door home with a private and secure garden which isn’t overlooked by passers by. He needs to be the only pet in a home without children, and needs a quiet environment where there won’t be any visitors around.

Simon has unfortunately had a difficult start to life which has left him feeling very anxious and worried about the world. His new owners must be fully committed to ensuring that he feels safe and doesn’t find himself in overwhelming situations. Simon is very nervous and unsure of any new surroundings and people, men in particular, and may need to spend time getting comfortable in his new home and garden before being able to venture into the world for short walks. When he is around people that he knows, his cheeky and playful personality shines through, and you can see what an adorable boy he really is. He is very noise sensitive and will require a calm home environment in a quiet area away from the city centre. Unfortunately he will never be the type of dog who can accompany his owners on outings. Simon becomes stressed when left alone and finds being confined difficult, so he will require a lot of company while he works on this. Simon would benefit by working with a recommended professional trainer, who can help his new owners to manage his anxiety and work towards him feeling more comfortable in his environment. Simon will make a very loyal and rewarding pet for the right owners.