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    6 months

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Hudson is looking for an owner who is willing to continue his training and can spend most of their day with him. He may suit living with children aged 6 or more who won’t be wary of a bouncy dog. He could potentially live with a calmer dog if introductions go well.

Hudson can be a little shy at times but when he gets to know you. he is a very affectionate boy who loves being made a fuss of. He is an energetic boy who enjoys being active and will need more exercise as he gets older. He loves running around with his toys, and he loves using his nose to find tasty treats, so would enjoy doing some scent work. He can be bouncy at times, so would benefit by continuing with his training. Hudson likes other dogs and has made some nice doggy friends, but he can get overwhelmed when other dogs are being boisterous, so prefers being around dogs with a calmer nature.