• Adoption Status


  • Age

    8 months

  • Breed


  • Sex


  • Size


  • Can live with



  • Home Requirements

    An experienced owner

    An active owner

    A home with garden

Olly is looking for an active owner who has had a young boisterous dog in the past. He may suit living with dog savvy teenagers who could cope with his excitable behaviour. He needs a home with a garden and wants to have company for at least some of the day.

Olly is a happy young boy who is very friendly with everyone he meets. He can be very excitable and boisterous, so will require an owner who has the time to continue his training. He is very playful and enjoys spending time playing with his toys and meeting his doggy friends for a play and a run around. In his quieter moments, Olly is very affectionate and will form a close bond with his people. Olly has a lot of energy and as he gets older he will require more exercise and may suit someone who enjoys hill walking or running.