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If we weren’t here, Ruby would be cold, alone and hungry on Edinburgh’s streets.

Earlier this year, Ruby was found wandering the streets and brought to us by a kind passer-by. When she arrived at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, she was extremely underweight and suffering from pressure sores on her legs, often a tell-tale sign of lying on a hard surface for prolonged periods. Sure enough, when Ruby was taken out for some exercise, she immediately went to curl up on the cold concrete path. She obviously considered this a place to sleep!

The veterinary exam that all our new intakes receive, revealed Ruby’s skin and teeth were also in a terrible condition, reflecting the poor diet she’d been surviving on and the fact that no one had been looking after her properly for a long time. We could tell Ruby was an older dog and had potentially struggled with being mistreated for up to a decade. We put Ruby straight on antibiotics and she went to sleep that night in a soft, cosy dog bed. Over the next few weeks, a nutritious diet helped her regain her weight and strength.

In spite of everything she’s been through, Ruby is such a trusting and gentle girl, so we were thrilled when a local lady fell in love with her and decided to take her home.

It is only with your generosity that we’re able to give pets like Ruby the care they need.


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