What is Payroll Giving?

Have you heard of Payroll Giving? It’s a simple, tax-free way to support the charities you care about right from your payslip.
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Since it was first launched in 1987, Payroll Giving has raised over £2 billion for charities across the UK. But a recent study by CAF found that only 36% of people had even heard of the scheme.  

Here’s how it works.  

What is Payroll Giving?  

Payroll Giving is an easy and efficient way to give to the charities you care about from your Gross Pay, it’s also known as Give as You Earn.  

Donations are taken from your pay after National Insurance contributions are removed but before Income Tax is calculated and deducted.  

This means that if you give £10 a month as a standard rate taxpayer, it will only cost you £8 and for a high-rate taxpayer it would only cost £6.  

Check out CAF’s handy tool to see how much a monthly donation would cost you.  

How does it work? 

If you’d like to support charities like Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home through this way, first check with your HR or Payroll department to see if they are set up for Payroll Giving.  

If they’re not already set up, it’s simple to do, and as this is an easy way for businesses to boost their charitable giving and monitor their impact, they’ll probably want to get involved. 

Your employer signs up with a Payroll Giving Agency  

A PGA (Payroll Giving Agency) is an organisation that facilitates the secure transition of funds from an employee’s gross pay to their nominated charity’s bank account.  

Employers must sign up with a PGA to participate, you can view a list of HMRC-approved PGAs here 

Complete a sign-up form  

The PGA that your employer uses will provide a sign-up form asking for simple information about your tax band, desired donation and salary. 

Return this to your HR or Payroll department, who will process this information when they next run payroll.  

You’ve made a charity’s day!  

It’s as simple as that! Check each payslip to see if your donation has been processed correctly and rest assured that you have made a charity’s day.  

This kind of regular giving helps us to plan for the future and focus on providing the best possible care and support for the animals and people who need us.  

What next?  

For more information, or for support to get your employer signed up to give this way, download our guide below or talk to a member of our team at 

Payroll Giving Guide

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