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We think of Christmas as a time where we are sat at home, cosied up by the fire with our loved ones surrounding us. Whilst we are all wrapped up with the festive fun we’d like to ask you, our kind supporters, to take a moment to think of those who are not as fortunate during these Winter months.

When the temperature starts to drop, we all need to stay warm, dry and safe. Cats and dogs are no exception and this winter, we are calling on you to help keep animals warm as the cold weather sets in.

Earlier this year on a crisp morning when opening up our gates for a normal day, our team heard the sound of distressed ‘meows’ coming from the other side. Abandoned, scared and alone in his carrier was a beautiful cat with nothing but a donation and a note. The note gave no indication of where the cat had come from, or the owner’s circumstances, the only information was that his name was Wolfie and his owners felt they had to give him up as he was vicious with their other pets. The rest would be up to our cattery team to work out, by spending time with Wolfie and understanding his needs.

Over the following days, the cattery staff saw nothing but love from Wolfie. Despite his initial nervousness, he quickly came out of his shell and showed trust with our team. Soon he couldn’t help but show off his playful nature and quickly learned how to get exactly what he wanted – using his handsome and mischievous good looks to be made a fuss of. He had everyone at the Home wrapped round his paws.

It wasn’t long before Wolfie was ready to be rehomed. All he needed was a little patience and understanding from the people around him, to get to know exactly what he liked and disliked. Like us humans, every animal is unique and our team will spend as long as it takes to get to know each animal and find them the perfect match. Where there is hope for a home, we never give up.

We will never know the details of why Wolfie’s owners abandoned him at our gates, and felt they couldn’t bring him into the Home, but we do know Wolfie is one of the lucky ones. In our care we were able to provide Wolfie with the love, warmth and care he needed until his perfect family walked through the very same gates in which we found him on that chilly morning. Now, Wolfie can look forward to the warmth of a loving home this Christmas with his new forever family.

Your support today could help to ensure animals like Wolfie are given that second chance
at happiness.

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