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Virtual Dog and Cat Show

We know how much you love your pets, and here at the Home we LOVE to celebrate them.

This is your chance to showcase your gorgeous guys and gals in the Home’s 3rd annual Virtual Dog and Cat Show generously sponsored by Par Equity, E.S. Images and Barney’s Beer.

Entries Have Now Closed

Thank you to everyone who has entered this year.

Virtual Dog and Cat Show 2022




😹 Funniest Photo
Animals can do things that make us laugh until our sides split. Show us your pet doing something hilarious, making a silly face or just being their goofy self.

😻 Bonniest Lass / Handsome Lad
Your favourite photo of your pet. Female (Bonniest Lass) or male (Handsome Lad) category, any breed, any age, any activity.

😴 Sleeping Beauty
Your favourite moment of your pet fast asleep.

🤝 Best Buds 
Show us your best friend’s best friend! (2 or more animals must be included in the photo)

⏩ Then vs Now
Show us your first and most recent picture of your furry friend

👵 Golden Oldie
Whether their fur is turning grey or they still have bursts of inner puppy/kitten, we love to celebrate our seniors! Open to 7+ year olds. Please include their age.

🌈 Gone But Not Forgotten
Alternative prize – virtual memory tree leaf in honour of your pet.
This special category is for your beloved furry friends who have crossed the rainbow bridge. If your picture wins our top prize, the Home will donate a Virtual Memory Leaf in their honour.

🐾 Pawfect Rescue
We think all our rescue animals are Pawfect so let see yours! Rescued or rehomed pets from any charity, organisation or place can be entered.

👁👁 Pretty Eyes
Does your pet have the best eyes? Whether they use them to beg for another breakfast or to communicate their love, we want to see them!

🐕‍🦺 Pet In Action
Any photo that captures your pet in full motion. Jumping, running, scratching, swimming – the more movement the merrier!

The Winners?

The winning Top Dog and Crowned Cat will receive a year’s supply of dog or cat treats worth £100 and a personalised pet portrait by the talented E.S Images worth £60. The dog and cat Honourable Mention will receive a Gift Bag from local microbrewery Barney’s Beer worth £20. Please see T&C’s for more information. By entering, you’re not only showcasing your pet, but you will also be helping to support the animals in our care.

Final day to submit your entry is 15 March and the winners will be chosen by our Animal Champion and celebrity vet, Marc Abraham OBE on 21 March 2022.

How You Are Helping the Home

£3 could feed a cat for 6 days

£5.60 could feed a dog every meal for a week

£8.25 could pay for life saving vaccinations and preventative medical care for a cat on arrival at the Home.

£12.12 could purchase a calming diffuser for the kennels lasting up to 6 months

£16.56 could provide lifesaving vaccinations for a dog on arrival at the Home

£20.52 could purchase a bottle of quality dog shampoo

£31 could heat every kennel for 1 day

£50 could fuel the pet foodbank van to allow more drop offs

£80 could spay or neuter a cat in our care

£150 could spay or neuter a dog in our care

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