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Seven Kittens Born at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

We had an extra special Christmas present at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home when one of the cats in our care gave birth to seven kittens on 18 December. Most cats have three to five kittens so this was an unusually large litter.

We were a bit concerned as their mother, Tootsie, was such a small cat (under 2kg). Handed into the Home after she was found by the police in an abandoned house, we estimated that she was only around 11 months old. Tootsie was a bit tentative about motherhood at first. However, with some coaxing from the cattery team, she soon settled down to wean her new babies. However, she still needed some extra support, with staff stepping in to take on some of the burden with additional hand feeding.

Lindsay Fyffe-Jardine, Interim CEO at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, said:

“This a good example of why neutering is so important in cats. Tootsie was far too young to be a mother. She didn’t seem to understand what was happening and found it a real struggle. If they hadn’t found their way to Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home there’s a good chance all seven kittens would have died. Luckily our experienced staff were on hand to help, and we are happy to say mother and kittens are doing well.”

We have been overwhelmed by the response and have had hundreds of applications so we are closing the applications at this stage while we work through those which have come in. Unfortunately we won’t be able to respond to everyone’s application but we do look forward to updating you on the kittens’ progress!

Henry Northmore

Senior Media and Public Affairs Officer

Henry Northmore has a background in charity communications, policy and public affairs, alongside a long career in journalism. Lifelong cat fan.

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