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Creating A Pet Friendly Office - Corporate Workshop

As discussed in our previous articles, separation anxiety can be a tricky and time-consuming condition to work around in a pet, requiring serious flexibility and determination from pet owners.

This may mean cancelling plans, staggering the time away from your pet, or – as far as work is concerned – requesting some compromise from your workplace to ensure your pet isn’t left alone longer than they’re comfortable with. That compromise may be flexible hours, working from home on occasion, or for a lucky few of us, our employer may be open to the possibility of creating a dog-friendly workplace.

Inviting an animal to the office can have numerous benefits, such as lifting the morale of the team, but can also bring with it obvious distractions. And for our four-legged friends, they may enjoy the extra attention from colleagues or customers, but may find the extra noise or new surroundings unsettling when they’re ready for some rest.

So how do you make bringing a pet to the office work for everyone – both with and without tails?

We’re offering a new educational workshop on this very topic, discussing the potential benefits (and shortfalls) of a pet-friendly office, the challenges you may face and how to make it work for both colleagues and canines. We’ll share information on the type of equipment and facilities you may want to consider, and share stories from other workplaces who’ve made the change. We want to ensure you have the knowledge and advice necessary for a seamless introduction of pets to your workplace.

These workshops are provided free-of-charge at a time and place that works for you. To enquire, make a booking, or learn more, simply email

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