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Scottish SPCA Launches Assured Puppy Breeders Scheme

Scottish SPCA have launched an Assured Puppy Breeders Scheme, a new initiative highlighting reputable breeders across Scotland.

At Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home we’d always recommend rehoming an animal as the best option when looking for a new pet. There are thousands of lost and abandoned dogs and cats across the UK looking for their forever home.

However, if that isn’t an option it’s essential that you buy from a reputable breeder.

Puppy farmers and illegal breeders are not interested in animal welfare. All they care about is profit. Dogs reared in puppy farms are often raised in filthy, unsanitary and cramped conditions which can lead to serious medical and behavioural problems.

As an animal welfare charity, we support any initiative we believe will help end suffering and cruelty.

Scottish SPCA’s voluntary Assured Puppy Breeders Scheme will be available to any dog breeder in Scotland. The Scottish SPCA inspectors will assess applications and visit breeding premises annually to check high welfare standards are in place. The scheme is free and the Society will not profit from it or from any pups sold by registered members. Giving buyers reassurance and steering them away from unscrupulous sellers. It also offers advice on what to look for when buying a puppy to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Howard Bridges, Chief Executive Officer, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, said:

“Sadly, many of the animals that arrive at our doors are the victim of irresponsible breeding practices or multiple online sales, allowing behavioural and medical issues to develop or go untreated. The only way we can begin to tackle this issue is to promote responsible breeding practices with the highest welfare standards.

“We would always encourage anyone thinking of buying a dog or cat to first think of rehoming an animal from a local rescue centre. If that is not an option for your family, please ensure that you use a reputable, registered breeder so your money doesn’t help fund criminals or the puppy farming trade.”

Gilly Mendes Ferreira, head of education and policy at the Scottish SPCA, said:

“Our mantra is ‘adopt don’t shop’ and we will always advocate rescuing rather than buying.”

“Our work to shine a light on the barbaric illegal puppy trade over the past few years has led to greater public awareness in spotting the signs a pup might be from a farm. Consequently, this has led to more reports to our helpline of unscrupulous dealers who want to make money fast with no regard for animal welfare.

“We’ll continue to tackle traders and dodgy dealers, but we also want to highlight the breeders in Scotland who prioritise the welfare of parents and pups. We know there’s thousands of breeders across the country who do just that and we hope many of them will join this scheme. The scheme forms part of the wider resources we’ve made available to educate the public on how a proper breeder should take them through the rehoming process.”

We would advise anyone thinking of buying a puppy to first think of their local rehoming centre, then check Scottish SPCA’s Say No to Puppy Dealers website and purchase from breeders who have signed up to Assured Puppy Breeders Scheme.


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