• Adoption Status


  • Age

    5.5 years

  • Breed

    German Shepherd

  • Sex


  • Size


  • Can live with


  • Home Requirements

    An experienced owner

    A home with garden

Zeus is looking for someone who has had a large dog in the past. He needs a home with a private garden so he can still spend time outside if he’s had enough exercise for the day. He may suit a home with dog savvy teenagers.

Zeus is a happy boy who is friendly with everyone he meets. He has an independent nature so isn’t clingy, but he is very loving and affectionate, and absolutely loves attention. He likes going for walks and enjoys running around with his toys, but he can’t have too much exercise so needs his new owner to make sure he doesn’t overdo things. He loves engaging his nose so enjoys sniffy walks and would like to do some scent work. Zeus has some doggy friends who he enjoys going on lead walks with, but he can be reactive around some dogs, so needs an owner who can manage this.

Zeus has Hip Dysplasia which requires pain relief, and as a preexisting condition this won’t be covered by pet insurance. More information about his condition will be discussed with successful applicants.