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  • Age

    6 months

  • Breed


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  • Home Requirements

    An active owner

Coco has already had a lot of great interest so we are now unable to process any new interest for her.

Coco is looking for an active owner who is prepared to take her to training classes. She may suit living with school aged children and could live with another dog or a cat. She will need company for most of the day.

Coco is a playful girl who loves life and everything the world has to offer. She is still young, so her new owner should be prepared to dedicate time to spend on her training and getting her used to spending a little time on her own, but she will be a fantastic pet for anyone who is willing to put in the time with her. She loves going for walks, and she will enjoy long walks and being involved in an activity when she is older, but walks should be short and frequent while she is still growing. She gets on well with other dogs and loves having a bit of rough and tumble with her doggy friends. Coco is a very lovable and loving girl who has lots of love to share with a new family.