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New Canine Physiotherapy Service To Get Scotland’s Dogs Moving

07 September 2021, Edinburgh – Scotland’s canine companions will be strengthening their muscles thanks to a new physiotherapy service launched by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

The private service will be based at the Home’s site in Seafield, Edinburgh, and provided by a qualified veterinary physiotherapist, following referral by a veterinary practice.

Customers can also rest assured that their consultation fees are going to a good cause. Profits will provide an essential income to the rescue centre, which cares for stray and unwanted dogs and cats, and works in the community to educate on animal welfare and keep pets in loving homes.

Dog owners can expect a range of therapeutic treatments for their pets, rehabilitating everything from orthopaedic and neurological conditions to general stiffness, lameness and post-surgical cases.

Jamie Simpson, Director of Operations at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, said:

“Just like humans, our pets can suffer with long-term physical injuries that affect their quality of life, especially in old age or if they have undergone surgery. There is overwhelming evidence that physiotherapy can improve outcomes for dogs and helps them to exercise in a way that improves both their physical and mental health.

“Here at the Home we have been caring for injured and post-op pets for nearly 140 years, so we thought it was about time we put our expertise to even better use and offer this service to the public. The best part is that by bringing your dog for physiotherapy at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, you are ultimately helping us treat, rehabilitate and rehome the hundreds of stray and unwanted pets that we do every year.”

For more information about Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home’s physiotherapy service, please visit edch.org.uk/canine-physiotherapy.

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