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Found a Stray

On finding a strayed dog or cat, it can be difficult to know what to do.

Your instinct may be to immediately approach the animal and assist in some way — particularly if the animal is in a dangerous situation, such as running on a busy road — but it may not always be safe to do so. The animal may be frightened or distressed and may act aggressively or run towards a dangerous situation. As such, we would only ever recommend attempting to approach or contain the animal if you feel confident and are certain you will both be safe.

If you are able to contain and handle the animal, check to see if it’s wearing a collar, as this may have the owner’s contact details. If the animal doesn’t have a collar, you could take it to your nearest vet where they can scan it for a microchip and hopefully arrange a quick return to its owner. Of course, you are also welcome to bring it to Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. We have an open intake policy and will never turn away a lost or abandoned dog or cat.

If it is outside our opening hours, you don’t have transportation, or you’re unable to contain the dog or cat, you can request help for a strayed dog by phoning the Police on 101 or your local authority’s dog warden (listed below).

  • Edinburgh: 0131 608 1100
  • East Lothian: 01875 824 305
  • Midlothian: 0131 561 5284
  • West Lothian: 01506 280 000

If the animal is injured, you may wish to contact the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.

Unfortunately, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home doesn’t have the available resource to respond to or collect strayed dogs and cats, but you are welcome to call us on 0131 669 5331 for further advice.

Lost Pets

We know that losing a dog or cat can be an extremely worrying time, so Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is on hand with tips and advice to bring your pet home safely.

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