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Minnie & Maxwell’s Success Story

Liesbeth and Ben talk to us about their experience of rehoming Minnie and Maxwell.

What made you rehome a cat from the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home?

We had a cat rehomed from a shelter before, but sadly she passed away. As we had been using our stash of cat food to feed the cat from the neighbours, he started to feel quite at home so we decided it probably was time to start looking for cats of our own. We specifically wanted two cats, to make it different than having just one, as with our other cat, Jinx. I had had two cats in the past before and always thought it was great fun to have two.

So we were just visiting the shelter to take a look, and did not expect to go home thinking about rehoming already. But there they were! Max was so enthusiastic, and Minnie such a cutie, such a tiny little cat. Ben was sold immediately on Max. I still tease him with the words he spoke that day ‘can we get him/them please?’ Max had been all over him and I am still teasing him now with his ‘bromance’.

So we went home, as were not sure we were ready (it had not been that long since our former cat passed away) but we could not let them go. There was just something about them. It helped that the staff knew so much of them, as they had been in the shelter before and had been rehomed, but had to come back to the shelter because the owner moved and could not take them with him/her.

How have Maxwell and Minnie changed since the day you brought them home?

Max was immediately at home. He is so not shy it is funny sometimes. When we had a (loud!) group over, he just sat there in the middle of the room, hogging an arm chair, looking at everybody and being so curious about what was going on.

Minnie has been more shy from the start, and at first we did not see a lot of her character. She was friendly and purry, but that was it. Over time, she got to be herself more, and now she is jumping on the duvet trying to bite our toes, or climbing the washing rack and expecting us to be there for her in case she would fall, or coming to us miaowing when she comes in, or in the mornings when she wants a stroke.

Unfortunately, Max has had an accident and broke his tail, and was in cat hospital for a few days. but there he charmed the vets and nurses, even when he was in pain, it’s such a charmer. Luckily he is almost as good as new. We do suspect that the vet secretly enjoys to see Max again when we go for check-ups, it is such a friendly cat.

At first the cats did not go out, but now they do and they thoroughly enjoy it. They also especially like it when we go look for them and call them, they always come miaowing happily and run with us (and beat us) to the front door, as they know they will get some strokes or treats, or just some attention.

What would you say to someone who is considering rehoming a pet?

For anyone who is hesitating to rehome from a shelter, I would say, just do it, when you feel the chemistry is there with your cat(s)! We had such a good experience, and even think that Max is probably so sociable because he grew up in a shelter and is used to people.

Thanks again to Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home for sheltering Maxwell and Minnie, and in doing so, making it possible for us to adopt them!

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