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Rosie's Journey

While we were all desperate to get out of our homes, Rosie was ready to find hers.

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I was in a deep sleep and comfortable in my bed. But I sprang awake when I heard my human shouting “Rosie, it’s time for dinner!”

“How strange”… I thought to myself. It seemed too early for dinner. When I hurried into the kitchen, there was no food… just an empty box. I took an instant dislike to that box. I tried to run back out of the room, but before I could make it out, my human had picked me up. I thought that maybe it was a game, but she started stroking my chin and telling me how much she loved me. I rubbed against her face to let her know I loved her too, but her face was all salty and wet – like my favourite tin of tuna. Did she eat my dinner? I thought. “Hopefully, there’s some left for me…”

I thought she was going to put me back down so I could see if there was food in my bowl; but instead she put me into the box and closed the door’. “What is happening?” I wondered. Something felt off. I could feel it in my tummy. She picked up the box and started walking out of the house. I asked my human “Where are we going, we’ve all been told to stay at home?”

But she didn’t reply. My box was shaking, and it was so cold out, but I had a nice fluffy blanket to keep me warm. I did not like being in the box. I couldn’t see outside and couldn’t move very much. I felt trapped and I just wanted to be back in my comfortable bed. It felt like a long time that I was in the box and it was noisy and uncomfortable. I wasn’t even hungry anymore. When I finally got a chance to look out of my box, I had no idea where I was. I sniffed and the air tasted salty, like her face did earlier.

“Where am I?” I asked her. “Can we go home now? I don’t like this game very much” I asked her over and over. Softly, she told me that she was sorry. “What for?” I asked. She squeezed her hand into the box and stroked my ears. Then I knew. . . This was no game. Wherever we were, I wasn’t getting back to my comfortable bed. I could hear lots of people talking. I could see the sign Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. I could hear smelly dogs barking.

I did not like this place. I just wanted to be back at home with my human, stretched out on her lap. Everything felt wrong. My tummy felt funny. The smells were all different. I want to go home. But the worst part was…

I couldn’t hear my human anymore. She was gone.

Where is this?” “Why are all these other cats here too?” I thought to myself. This did not feel like home. I could see other cats through the glass. They weren’t from where I lived. Some of them were very chatty, especially the one directly beside my bed. I tried to ignore him, but he never stopped talking. I knew he was just trying to be friendly, but I did not feel like making friends and since I arrived, the same lady looked after me.

She tried really hard to be my friend. Every single day, she fed me, cleaned out my litter and tried to play with me. I didn’t feel like playing and I made sure she knew that, but every day she would keep trying to win me round.

One morning, the lady (Angi was her name) tried to brush my tummy, I wasn’t happy about that so lashed out at her. They must have known that my tummy was getting bigger. I was to become a mother again. I was tired and didn’t feel ready, especially so soon after my last litter.

Angi has been so lovely and makes sure I am doing okay. She tells me that I’ll be booked in to be spayed once back to full health. It’s a big relief to be honest.

As my friend and her colleague were washing their hands at the sink, I overheard them talking about how tough it has been for the Home and that the unexpected impact of the pandemic has been difficult to manage. I now know that our warm comfy beds, food, treats, vet visits, and playtime is only possible thanks to the marvellous people who donate to the Home. How incredible! I really hope everyone is able to help in some way. I deeply appreciate all the help my kittens and I have received.

I have the Home to thank for caring for me when I felt low and anxious. I am so grateful that they were there for the safe arrival of my kittens. I also want to thank you for ensuring Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home can continue to be there for vulnerable and scared animals like me.

The people at the Home saved me.
You saved me.
Please help them to save others like me.

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