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Bella's Journey

While we were all desperate to get out of our homes, Bella was ready to find hers…


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Hi, excuse me, sorry to interrupt. My name is Bella and I’m lost.

I have been wandering the streets for so long now I can’t even tell you what day it is. I’m scared, confused and exhausted. I really don’t know where to go, nobody sees me and when they do, they tell me to “shoo”. Lockdown means there’s not many people around to help. I don’t know how long I can keep doing this, I am absolutely terrified and desperately need some peace.

Oh wait, hang on… I think someone’s coming. My tummy feels strange, I’m so nervous. I’ll back up into this corner… please don’t hurt me. The lady is asking if I’m on my own, she’s getting closer and closer. A little growl will let her know I’m scared. She’s taking me with her. I don’t know where we’re going but she said she is going to help.

We enter a warm building with clean magnolia walls, soft carpeted floor and it smells of vanilla. I feel really worried though, this lady is a stranger, what if she hurts me? What if she decides she doesn’t want to help me? Will I be sent away, back to fending for myself on the street?

My apprehension means I haven’t moved from the hallway. Although I am curious to see what or who is behind the big brown wooden doors. I need to scope this place out, I need to know I’m going to be safe, as well as work out a potential escape plan. I can hear muffled chat, maybe she is calling my human or maybe she’s getting someone to take me away. Everything just feels so heavy. I need sleep.

It’s been a few days now and I am still at this place. Maybe I should let my guard down a little and we can start to become friends. Maybe I can have my own space here.

We are back in the car and it’s moving. It’s bumpy and there’s quiet music coming from somewhere. I don’t like this. Where are we going now? My hearts beating so hard, I feel sick. I’ve no idea what’s happening. I thought we had all been told to stay at home because of this pandemic.

We are now at another place I don’t recognise. The signs say Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. There’s a lot of noise; traffic, people and animals. I need to let them know how scared I am, so I keep my tail really close to me. My heart’s still racing, I’m terrified.

What’s happening? Another lady is approaching. She’s wearing a cosy green jumper. My ears perk up as I hear my name. What are they saying about me?

“Upon arrival Bella was very nervous and even getting her out to the paddocks for a stretch and play was quite a challenge at times. She was extremely wary around people and other dogs and although you can tell she had a slight curious side, her fear and anxiety always took over. She found it hard to be anywhere near a dog or human and would jump at the smallest noises.” – Wendy Mullen, Kennel Manager

These people are trying to help me, but I need to protect myself, I need to let them know I don’t trust them. I can’t be here. Other animals like me coming and going, people in and out, laughter, music. It’s overwhelming, I’m on edge, not sleeping very well and have gone right off my food which is unlike me. These people seem nice. They recognise that I need my own space and time to build trust with them. I have been allowed time to adapt and am so grateful to be moved into a quieter place away from the other dogs and noises. This is better, I can relax more. I think I might like these people; I can tell they are trying their best to support me… one step at a time.

I’m feeling a little better now. The people are really nice to me and we’ve started playing in the big grassy paddocks. They have been so patient, and I feel more at ease. They are special people. Now that I know who I can trust and that I’m being cared for, I let the Assistant Kennel Manager, Jess take me home for a few days which was really nice. I heard the people talking about finding me a new home. How will that be? What will it look like? What about my new people, will they like me? I can’t help but feel apprehensive; however after having the short stay at Jess’ house, I am excited to have somewhere I can call my forever home.

How thoughtful that there are lovey people out there ready to give animals like me a second chance. Even more amazing that Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home exists. I can’t imagine where I would have been if they weren’t here to help me. I might not even be alive today. I still fear the unknown, but I am happier.
These wonderful people have helped me to grow in confidence and in turn I feel I can be more playful (some may say a little cheeky!). I’ve also started to very much enjoy the snacks and treats.

I heard it’s been a really tough time for the Home and that the unexpected impact of this pandemic has been difficult to manage. My rehabilitation, warm comfy bed, food, treats and playtime is only possible thanks to the marvellous people who support the Home. How incredible! I really hope everyone is able to help in some way. I deeply appreciate all the help I’ve received. I have the Home to thank for my transformation, and you to thank for ensuring they can continue to be there for lost and frightened animals like me.

The people at the Home saved me.
You saved me.
Please help them to save others like me.

With love and gratitude, Bella

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